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Great Lakes Paddlers


Canoe and Kayak Club of Southeastern Michigan



The Great Lakes Paddlers is a non-profit organization based in southeastern Michigan. We have regular monthly meetings held at various restaurants in southeastern Michigan, including Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, and Wyandotte. The meetings are a casual environment open to anyone interested in attending. Any GLP officer that attends typically presents any new or updated information related to the club, then the rest of the time is spent conversing about paddling, etc.

Aside from meetings, the club tries to hold at least one announced paddling event each month throughout the year. The Huron River in Delhi, Hudson Mills, and Kensington Metro Parks, as well as Island Lake State Park are common places for us to paddle. There are other 'less announced' paddles that are open to members and friends when the paddlers' skill levels are known.

Goals of the Great Lakes Paddlers:

  • Coordinate year-round canoeing and kayaking events in southeastern Michigan and surrounding areas for adults and families.
  • Promote paddle sports through safety, education, and lessons.
  • Encourage participation and input from the membership Involvement in local, state, and national conservation concerns.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to join other clubs from around the state for their events.
  • Contribute resources to local charitable organizations.

Membership in the Great Lakes Paddlers includes:

  • Eddy Lines, The Great Lakes Paddlers monthly newsletter.
  • Details for all paddling events.
  • Open invitation to all scheduled events, including instructional sessions.
  • Free classified ads.

To join the Great Lakes Paddlers, click on the appropriate button below and use a charge card via PayPal, or print and mail a completed membership form and fee.

By joining the Great Lakes Paddlers, you acknowledge the presence of the inherent risks involved in any outdoor or indoor activity and that you are responsible for your own safety and personal property at any event. The Great Lakes Paddlers and/or any of its officers, friends, and/or acquaintances are not liable in any way for any individual's and/or group's safety, well-being, and/or protection of person and/or personal property.

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