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Great Lakes Paddlers


Canoe and Kayak Club of Southeastern Michigan


The Great Lakes Paddlers is a non-profit organization based in southeastern Michigan where canoeing and kayaking is the major focus.

We have regular monthly meetings and the club also tries to hold at least one announced paddling event each month during the warmer months of the year.

See the Join Us membership page for more information. Our Calendar page shows Great Lakes Paddlers events. Current, future and past events can be found on the calendar page. Follow event links for more details on each event, including maps.

Questions? Please use the Contact Us link. We would be happy to answer your inquiries.

Milford to Brighton paddlers

Nadia, Vicki & BillStill coming in to the take out

Milford to Brighton on the Huron River paddle. A nice day on the river but the wind at the end of the paddle on Kent Lake helped to make things interesting.